From January 2017 to December 2017 I was a Design/Content intern for Northampton Rugby Football Club. While at the club I produced design assets for the different sectors of the club, from the marketing and communications department to the club store and community team. This experience helped me realise that working in graphics is the right career path for myself.
In September 2018 I started a one year foundation course in Art & Design at Northampton College. This course explored the wide range of art and design and included selecting my own brief for my final major project. This course gave me fresh opportunities to explore during the research and development of my two projects, the simulation project and the Icepop Music Festival project.
To further my career into my chosen industry I begun a three year Graphic Communication course to further my learning into this industry. Across the first year I learnt a load of various new techniques that I could apply to a range of different projects. By exploring a wide range of projects I was able to try new ideas with each project and try to push myself in terms of initial ideas, developed concepts and towards a final piece to showcase. 
The second and third years offered more opportunities to grow my skills with a wide variety of projects. Working with the BBC, Google & Netflix for D&AD was a massive challenge and one I relished as I was able to try new techniques within my ideas as I pushed each solution to the max with each project.
Finally, in mid 2022 I finished my course at the university with my final major project. This final project involved rebranding the Olympic Games with a new and exciting identity. The Apollo Games would be a fresh rebrand that put the awareness of global warming at the forefront of this new era for the Olympics. More information can be provided on the Apollo Games pages but in short the new games would be played out over areas of the world most at risk from Global Warming. These locations would host a variety of sport as we celebrated the games themselves but showed the danger and damage that Global Warming is having on the world including areas such as Kenya, Haiti, Lithuania, India and Tuvalu.
Having been introduced to the world of design back in 2014 I have since produced a variety of content that offers up many challenges. In March 2020 I made the decision to post my content across my Instagram page resulting in various good feedback and advice. In October 2021 I passed 10,000 followers! I am extremely pleased with the response and encouragement from the followers as I continue to make new and exciting content!
In April 2022 I began my first job as a graphic designer since finishing my BA Graphic Communication course at the University Of Northampton. Within Nephew I work with a range of clients in the music, sports and leisure sector. At Nephew I am able to test my knowledge and skills and produce well-rounded solutions to briefs. I am excited to see where I develop as a designer at Nephew and further down the line in my career.
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